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FAQs / help



How can I register?
What do I need to do during registration?
How can I activate my profile?
Event organiser account
Error: e-mail already registered
Error: login already assigned
Is lesarion free?
Lesarion trusted authentication
Authentication doesn't work
Can I register as transgender?


How can I change my e-mail?
How can I add Cityguide entries?
How can I change my picture?
How can I delete entries from the guest book?
Making friends
Where is my guest book?
Message center
How does photo check work?
How can I end my membership?


I've forgotten my password, what do I do?
How can I change my birth date?
I can't write a message, it says I'm not logged in
Why are forums and profiles publicly available?
I don't receive e-mail notifications
Can I promote my party on lesarion?
E-mail notification but no message
My profile is not visible to other users
How many users are there on lesarion?
Changing your headline
Changing your online status

pay content

What is a premium account?
What is deluxe contact?
Why do I have to pay for so much?
Topping up by text (mobile phone)


How can I chat?
LiveChat - private chatting
For your own protection
Chatting rules


How does the forum work?
What are the forum rules?
How can I reply to a post in the forum?
Can I delete a comment/topic?
Why can't I find my forum entry?
How can I report a forum post?
Is there a limit on forum posts?
Breach or infringement of terms and conditions
Is there a forum moderator?


How do groups work?
How can I join a group?
How can I get to my groups?
How can I leave a group?
How can I create a group?
What rules apply to groups?
How can I respond to a post in a group?
How does a group message work?
What rights do group administrators have?
How long does it take to activate a group?
How can a group be deleted?
Is group content checked?

mobile apps

Which platforms does lesarion offer apps for?
Online with apps
Security in apps
Are apps free?


What does lesarion mean?
What does the lesarion team do?
Who exactly are the lesarion team?
What does the support team do?
Can you see my password?
How can I become a member of the support team?
Lesarion is 100% CO2 neutral!
What does 'Online now' mean?

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