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Why do I have to pay for so much?

Lesarion is a privately financed website. There are no big investors backing us. This means we are independent and have design freedom.

Unfortunately, because you've show so much interest(!) and use the website so much, it costs a lot to run lesarion. The more people using our website, the more traffic expenses we incur. And then there's our server, with it's monthly bills.

We've tried to meet these costs with advertising, sponsoring and direct marketing, but unfortunately with modest results.

However, because lesarion has grown even more, we have to try and keep our heads above water. We considered various options and decided: either everyone has to pay, or we choose the premium account option we have today.

We chose the latter because we didn't want to exclude anyone from lesarion. We also thought if we asked everyone to pay, younger members might have problems trying to justify bills out of the blue to their parents. Put simply, we didn't want to exclude anybody.

We've proven that this was the right decision and the critics have been widely silenced. Still, we get the occasional accusation that we have introduced a second class community and created a kind of class divide.

We try hard to fight against this stigma. Even if premium and deluxe users do have access to additional features by paying, all other lesarion members also profit from this. Because without these paying members, we simply couldn't support the other functions available to all users, and the service would fall apart. Then, there wouldn't be a lesarion at all!

We hope you can understand our point of view.

The lesarion team

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