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Lesarion is 100% CO2 neutral!

Lesarion is doing it's bit for the environment by using Europe's most environmentally friendly computer centre.

The computer centre runs entirely on green electricity from renewable energy sources, such as water and wind power. Fossil fuels aren't used at all, making the computer centre CO2 neutral.

The electricity provider, Energie Strasburg, uses various local certification systems and the pan-European RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System), to ensure the ecological quality of the electricity it provides. Moreover, it supports different community organisations which promote the production of green electricity with regular donations.

Our computer centre has the best overall PUE value (Power Usage Efficiency) at 1.21, making it top of the list of the most environmentally friendly computer centres.

Our computer centre achieves this fantastic PUE value through geothermal cooling, among other things. Cooling usually consumes the most energy in a computer centre. But because extensive ground water can be accessed at the centre's location (it's one of the areas in Europe with the largest amount of ground water) and the cold ground water at 12°C doesn't need to be further cooled, it's possible to save lots of energy.

PUE value information:

The PUE value is determined by dividing the entire energy requirements of a computer centre by the IT energy requirements (server, storage, network equipment etc.) So, a PUE of 1.0 would mean that the entire energy required by the computer centre would be exclusively available to the IT. A value of 1.21 means that in our computer centre, just 21 per cent of the energy required for IT is also needed to run the computer centre.

A study by the German eco association reviewing efficient computer centres in Germany found that, on average, 60 per cent additional energy was required in German computer centres (PUE 1.62) - though compared to international levels, even that's good!

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