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How does photo check work?

Photo check or normal activation?

Before pictures are added to a profile they must be checked. There are two ways of doing this. Either you let the team check the photo or you do it using photo check. If you decide to use photo check, the picture could be approved in a matter of minutes by other users. Here's how it works:

Upload your picture and select 'approval by users'. Your picture is then displayed in photo check and users have the option to determine whether your picture meets our conditions. For example that the picture isn't copyrighted.

How is the picture approved using photo check?

Your picture must be evaluated by more than 10 users before it is approved. If all the users approve the picture it is immediately displayed. If a user evaluates the picture as 'not O.K.', it is entered in the correction process and the lesarion team will take a look at it.

How can you be sure users are evaluating fairly?

If some users don't think the picture is acceptable, it is put into our correction process and the lesarion team take a look at it. If we find that the picture was incorrectly evaluated by some users, it is noted in our system. If there are a few incorrect evaluations by a user, photo check stops that user evaluating the affected user's pictures.

Face checks and picture quality

Photo check isn't about the quality of a picture or whether a user is particularly attractive. Users who reject a picture based on these criteria get a negative evaluation themselves. The precise rules for defining if a picture is O.K. or not are shown below the respective picture when it is being evaluated.

Why does the number of evaluated pictures get smaller?

The number of evaluated pictures is derived from the evaluations you have made over the last 30 days. Evaluations older than 30 days aren't taken into account. We continually recalculate the number of evaluations which have happened over the past 30 days. This means all users have an equal chance of getting in the TOP 5.


You're taking part in photo check for the first time. It's the third day in the month and your continuing to evaluate pictures. The number of pictures you've evaluated grows. A month passes and it's the fifth day in the following month, the number of evaluations automatically reduces by the number of evaluations older than 30 days. So the day when you started taking part is not longer counted.

Why do pictures need to be checked in advance?

Every now and then pictures are uploaded which don't comply with our guidelines. If these pictures are displayed, the user could, in the worst case scenario, be prosecuted. In addition, users used to get irritated if we deleted pictures after they were made visible in their profiles, as many users assumed that if a picture was shown in their profile it had already been automatically approved.

What's photo check actually good for?

Photo check helps to approve pictures more quickly, because we can't evaluate a lot of pictures as quickly as you can. In principle, we check rejected pictures and pictures where conflicting evaluations were given, as well as carrying out random tests on the rest.

What can I do with the photo evaluations I collect?

On the first day of every month, our photo check assesses which users have evaluated the most pictures in the last 30 days. The top 5 users get premium membership for 30 days, free of charge. If you're taking part in photo check for the first time to get a premium account, it makes sense to start on the first day of the month.

What happens if you decide a picture has been poorly evaluated?

If a picture has genuinely been incorrectly evaluated, we approve it or delete it accordingly. In this case, the users who have incorrectly evaluated the picture get minus points and, if they continue to evaluate pictures incorrectly, they can no longer participate in photo check.

I'm not sure about a picture?

If you're not sure if a picture meets the requirements, you can use a joker. In this case you won't receive an evaluation point. You should use your jokers sparingly, as they run out quickly. You can only use up to 5 jokers every 30 days.

That means:

If you use a joker today, it will be reinstated after exactly 30 days.

I've been locked out of photo check.

Each users interprets the rules according to their own system of values. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that the rules aren't quite defined as they are intended or indeed interpreted. This could result in you being refused access to photo check.

Why can't I see whose profile belongs to the photo?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible due to data protection rules. Uploaded photos must be evaluated anonymously.

How do users manage to evaluate so many pictures?

Thousands of pictures are uploaded to our site every month. This allows industrious users to evaluate a large amount of pictures.
Have you found a profile photo which breaks the rules? Write us a message or send us an e-mail and we'll take a look at the profile.

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