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Group name: Lesbian_Soldiers_in_germany
Group status: open group - join directly
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Founder: I_am_a_Marine
Group first started: 30.06.2013 22:59
category interests -> love/erotic/relationship
Members: 35
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brief description

It´s for everybody. Mainly the Soldier Lesbians who been stationed out here for a while..


Talk about whatever you feel like.
Feel free to ask us questions, as long as it´s not getting to personal.
Smalltalk about how it is to be here.
Share our expiriences..
This is a Page for Lesbians in the U.S. Army, Airforce, Marines & Navy also for other lesbian Soldiers. Feel free to join us and talk about your expiriences in Germany so far. Our Main Language will be English for sure. You shouldn´t be younger then 18.

rules and guidelines

No discrimination everybody is welcome.
No Possesive People please. You can choose what language you want to talk but mainly it´s going to be English.
Just in case you don´t really speak it, find someone who might translate things for you.
Please no stupid ass comments or you will get blocked.
We won´t talk about our Position or Jobs in the Military because it´s not allowed, anything else feel free to ask.
Drama is not welcome at all.
Age is 18+ so please respect that.

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