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Travel & Meet

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Group name: Travel & Meet
Group status: open group - join directly
Application/status: You're not logged in
Founder: SexyMind
Group first started: 21.08.2013 21:51
category interests -> social topic
Members: 48
Chat: The group founder has deactivated chat
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brief description

Travel the world and meet with another member or with a whole group of members


This group is about trips, traveling, ideas, experiences and spots discovered to share with members, also this group is with a PLUS, to get to know other members through meeting during trips.
Could be 2 members traveling to a destination to meet, as it could be a yearly get together to the whole 'lesarion’ members in a specific country half way to everybody, nice idea to meet and greet in person :)

rules and guidelines

- Group language and conversations in English language (universal)
- In respect to the subject context as well as the discussions
- Thank you for bringing your good manners in. No bad/violent/racist etc communication

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