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The New Gay

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Group name: The New Gay
Group status: open group - join directly
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Founder: Gotitall25
Group first started: 09.10.2012 15:55
category interests -> lifestyle and parties
Members: 34
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brief description

This group is to discuss the difference between real lesbians vs Bi


This Group is for those who want to state opinions or get answers to questions about todays lesbian world. Now days women are gay because they feel it is a trend, or they want love. This group will determine what real lesbian love as what it should be. As well touch topics like sex, do you feel your girl is lesbian if you all use a strap in ur relationship? Marraige, Do u picture yourself as an older woman and still lesbain? How do you feel about lesbians with kids? Is anyone looking for love anymore? Do u ever feel its wrong in the eyes of God that your gay? Why women try hard to act like men, when the point of being gay is to treat them better. A lot of people get caught up in this senseless world, that they would lose out on a lifetime love for a few hoes and Gold...OPEN TO ALL TOPICS, but this is our future.

rules and guidelines

*Please be respectful
*Open minded
*Not afraid to voice your opinion in a respectful manner
*18+ pls
*Able to handle construtive criticism
*All races are welcome
*All locations are welcome
*English only LOL
*Realness (Be yourself)
*This is for the future of our lesbians, and we seem to have lost sight of why we started being lesbians. Now a lot of lesbians are losing themselves. We living for today instead of our future, when we are leaving behind a new generation that is learning from us. Superficial, Materialistoc, Ghetto Fabolous, when your butts get old WHAT THE HECK YOU GOING TO DO :))

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