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My Angel

von Juls21

My Angel It all just seems so unbelievable!

We met on the site, of course, and from the first day I was certain it’s true, there are angels here on earth!

We messaged each other online for just a short while, because we had arranged a meeting.
Well, it was as you might expect, both a bit reserved and unsure what we should do or talk about.

But it was all just so brilliant!
I was waiting for her at the meeting point on Saturday, hoping it was my lucky day.
I hadn’t gone out with the intention of meeting a girlfriend, because we hadn’t even talked about the idea.

So anyway, as I mentioned, I stood there and waited.
And then she arrived, and I just knew instantly, she’s the only one!
I had to kiss her on the cheek straight away and hug her really tightly.

So there we were, two lost women who didn’t know what to do next!

I took her somewhere cosy for a drink.
Over excited and unsure we sat in a bar and chatted.
It didn’t take long before we just clicked. The ice broke and we talked and laughed without looking at the clock even once! It was amazing.
She had the same dry sense of humour as me and we were just so similar.
We sat there for ages, moved on and soon both had aching jaws from grinning at each other so much :-)
That’s when I thought to myself it’s time to make things romantic, travel to the highest point in my city to finish off the evening.
It was midnight already and we lay there (clothed of course, like good girls!) in the car, opened the sun roof and starred at the sky.
It was all so perfect!

She took me home and we couldn’t let go of each other, but eventually even the most heavenly of days must come to an end.
So I went indoors and she drove home.
Then I got a text that let me know where I stood: kissing then running off just won’t do! I knew she wanted me and I wanted her.

I was so fired up, my stomach full of crazy butterflies, and I couldn’t think about anything but her big, beautiful eyes and heavenly laugh.

Neither of us could stay away from each other long, so she came back to mine the next day at midday and we spent another glorious day together, walking, eating and then, all my dreams came true… :-)
It was the best kiss I’ve ever had from a woman.
I was hers, in every possible sense!

Since that day I enjoy my life to the full and would do anything to keep her, to make her happy, love and honour her, carry her in my arms, show her daily that SHE and only SHE has my heart and I will make sure that I NEVER let her go!

my angel on earth, my Diana!

I love you!

Your princess :-*

PS: thank you, lesarion, from the bottom of my heart!

copyright © by Juls21. By publishing this on lesarion the author assures that this is her own work.


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